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Artist Statement 


Hyperactively moving through space, I seek to challenge ways and walks of life. 


My life and my art are intertwined. My works explore this connection, which includes relationships and separations, routines and rituals, escape, imagined familial normality, imprisonment and homecoming. This exploration also gives rise to a critique of consumerism.


After wandering for over three years in search of a free lifestyle, I felt I have to articulate a new mechanism, one that will allow me more freedom – and I went back to living in a home.


The desire for freedom led me to think about the weights I carry around my neck – equipment, possessions and objects that define me and my life, which moved with me from apartment to apartment over the years. And that after many years of wandering, during which I did not miss them, I no longer have any need for them. With this understanding, I began a Sisyphean work of documentation. At its end I put the items on "trial", in which I decided what stays with me and what I am leaving behind.

My critique of consumption as a way of life motivated me to offer liberation. Liberation from a life of possessions and shopping. I decided it was time to let all my stuff go. Relinquishing the objects was also an artistic act. I created an installation of my things, which became gifts. This was a practice of liberation and giving – from the moment the item was wrapped in an identical way, it lost its original identity and is now perceived as a moving gift. 


Later on I offered others the chance to experience the same liberation, by calling me to go through this process with them – with a conversation, photographs and documentation in their own home. At the end of such a meeting I left with a box of stuff they released from themselves.


But the liberation and return to a permanent residence clarified what I already knew – I cannot be domesticated. I never felt at home in any home.


With this insight I continued to explore the concept of home from a different direction – that of mental maps. This allowed me to find out how people perceived their home environment, not as it is on the map, but laden with feelings, sensations, memories and other individual peculiarities. 


The social interaction is a very important aspect of my work, and I ask a lot of questions regarding lifestyle, the culture of affluence, minimalism, emotions arising from piles of stuff, feelings of liberations, and dreams. 


And now I’m stuck at home. The Irony of Fate.


See my artist portfolio from israel

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